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About us

Walnut and Other Nut Fruit Growers Association of India (WANGAI) was registered on 31st Jan 2013 having received clearance from Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India & Ministry of Consumer affairs, for the promotion of nuts in the country.

Walnut And Other Nut Fruit Growers Association of India is one of the major association recognized by National Horticulture Board, Government of India.

The major emphasis of WANGAI is to bring awareness to the farmers about the benefits of walnut farming and also the other nut crop production , income generation and nutrition. WANGAI has a strong mandate to bring at least 10000 walnut and other nut growers as their members. The association is continuously working to solve the major crises of unavailability of planting material of both walnut & other nut crops. WANGAI is working with international organizations and recognized Nurseries of walnut and other nut crops. The association is sharing latest information and technology from CITH, Srinagar, UHF Nauni and other state universities, NGO’s, farmers groups working on research and development of walnut to the walnut growers doorstep.


Who we are?

The Walnut and Other Nut Fruit Growers Association of India (WANGAI) is the major association representing the Indian walnut and other nuts farming . It speaks on behalf of grower & nurserymen.

We promote the production, marketing and consumption of walnut and other nuts in India.

We seek and circulate information on matters of interest and concern to walnut and other nut producers and the industry.

WANGAI acts to promote and support the production of high quality walnut and quality control.

WANGAI is coordinating for the assistance of the nut producers and the association is taking following action:


increase in walnut and other nut plantations


Quality control and environmental impact


Mechanization and Strengthening of infrastructure at farm lavel walnut farming


Transfer of latest technology among association members/Growers

Our Commitment

  • team-1
    Quality approach
  • team-2
    Following of regulations
  • team-3
    Environment friendly practices
  • team-4
    Training of growers and nurserymen

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